emilie kneifel
emilie kneifel
artist :) poet :) critic :) total babe

photo description: em's face fragmented in a mirror and further smudged by a friendly wiggly doodle person

or, reviews editor at the puritan (: associate editor at theta wave (: creator of catch (: co-creator of playd8s

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ekphrasis /re: poems/ icefloe press /re: books/ salthill journal, the adroit journal, prism international, the puritan, montreal review of books /re: music/ graphite, exclaim!, bearded magazine, phluff, lotusland /re: film/ solipcyst, wizards in space, in the mood magazine (2), bluehouse journal /re: television/ bluehouse journal /ekphrastic columns!/ blueberries, eye candy

poetry* /2021/ stone of madness press, pithead chapel, radical imaginings feature, spotlight series [3], LESTE, the malahat review, /2020/ gaze [loving gaze finalist], ARC poetry review [2], sidereal [4], delicate friend [2], poem shorts, above/ground [broadside], long con, minison, watch your head, gaze, bookdance [with nivi ofc], afternoon visitor [3], RHINO, antilang, TIMBER, 3 moon magazine [3], placeholder press [with nivi, kind of], the mantle [for nivi], half a grapefruit, bluehouse journal, tiny molecules [2], kissing dynamite!, GASHER, jam & sand [5], the /tƐmz/ review [2], ric journal, MLA's pandemic anthology, seiren quarterly, plenitude, mineral lit magazine [2 poems & featured poet], kanstellation [with nivi thatra], collusion anthology [with conyer clayton], 845 press anthology, train: a poetry journal, talking about strawberries all of the time, the lighthouse journal, BARNHOUSE [3], tuesday poems, touch the donkey [4, in print], honey and lime, blood orange, unbroken /2019/ theta wave, micro//macro [2, for nivi thatra], half a grapefruit [3], pøst, bad dog [2], mutiny!, frond, ctrl+v, impossible task [3], carte blanche, canthius [2, in print], ghost city review, vallum magazine, tiny essays, bad nudes [2]

columns eye candy, blueberries (1 2 3), heartworms

essays? bluehouse journal [2], stone of madness press, HOBART, in the mood mag, periodicities, talking poetics, empty mirror

oodlydoodlies bear creek gazette, SICK calendar 2021, above/ground [broadside], gaze, yfyf anthology [cover & 33 feature illustrations], antilang, empty mirror, barnhouse, theta wave [ logo & issue no. 3], flypaper lit, the ubyssey, f o u n d d d d d d d D D D poems

interviews/translation/journalism PANK, theta wave issue no. 2, the ubyssey, cult mtl

readings carte blanche poetry month, wizards in space launch, thetafest, book launch, performance anxiety, periodicities, bluehouse 2 digital launch, canthius launch, vallum launch, bad nudes launch [all captioned]

press train: a poetry journal, touch the donkey seven questions, mini interview with thomas whyte [all audio], rob mclennan review, poem featured on the small machine talks, a tc tolbert tweet, which counts

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