emilie kneifel
emilie kneifel
artist :) poet :) critic :) total babe

photo description: em's face fragmented in a mirror and further smudged by a friendly wiggly doodle person

associate editor - Theta Wave, reader - Frontier Poetry
director and co-creator - PLAYD8s (birdie logo) (camera logo)

books: The Adroit Journal, PRISM International, The Puritan, Contemporary Verse 2, Montreal Review of Books
music: Exclaim!, Bearded Magazine, Phluff, Lotusland

-2020- Train: A Poetry Journal, Talking about Strawberries all of the Time, The Lighthouse Journal, BARNHOUSE (3), Tuesday Poems, Touch the Donkey (4), Honey and Lime, Blood Orange, Unbroken, Theta Wave
-2019- MICRO//MACRO (2), Half a Grapefruit (3), PØST, BAD DOG (2), mutiny!, Frond, ctrl+v, Impossible Task (3), carte blanche, Canthius (2), Ghost City Review, Vallum Magazine, Tiny Essays, Bad Nudes (2)

Heartworms, a monthly column at Flypaper Lit; Empty Mirror

visual art
Empty Mirror, BARNHOUSE, Theta Wave, Flypaper Lit, The Ubyssey, f o u n d i t, (portfolio of featured work)

Theta Wave Issue No. 2

The Ubyssey, Cult MTL

five-part interview [all audio]: one two three four five six
rob mclennan review
poem featured on The Small Machine Talks
a TC Tolbert tweet, which counts

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